16th EWADE workshop

The first European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education was held in Madrid in 1994. The chairman of EWADE is Prof. Dieter Scholz from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Further workshops were organized every two years traveling through many countries. Next the workshops were organized every two years in Berlin, Bristol, Turin, Linköping, Brno, Toulouse, Hamburg, Samara, Seville, Naples. Next workshop was held in Linköping together with CEAS Air & Space Conference and after that EWADE workshops travelled together with CEAS conferences through Delft and Bucharest. Many scientists from EWADE participated at RRDPAE 2008 in Brno where the idea of a stronger cooperation was discussed. Finally in 2018, EWADE joined the READ conference in Brno and will do second time in this year in Rzeszów.