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All papers will be published in the proceedings in the form of a pendrive and distributed during the seminar.
All papers will be sent to reviewers and then the best articles will be recommended to be send to publications.

  • Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

    ......... The best of the best articles will be recommended for publication in Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology and, following a review procedure, will be published in a special issue.

    Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology provides a broad coverage of the materials and techniques employed in the aircraft and aerospace industry. Its international perspectives allow readers to keep up to date with current thinking and developments in critical areas such as coping with increasingly overcrowded airways, the development of new materials, recent breakthroughs in navigation technology, and more.
    The journal publishes a combination of technical papers focusing on specific topics, plus regular sections on contracts, the developments of new equipment and materials, safety issues, patents, standards, new books, news and people in the news make sure the journal offers lively, topical and genuinely international coverage happening in the field. Key areas in research and industry include:
  • Civil and military aircraft
  • Satellites and spacecraft
  • Rotorcraft
  • Flight systems
  • Aerospace technologies
  • Industry case studies
    AEAT is indexed in both Scopus, and Thompson Reuters ISI, and has an impact factor (2020) of 0.975 (0.991 – 5-year).
    The review process for all articles should be completed by the end of 2022.
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  • Transactions on Aerospace Research
    ..... The journal Transactions on Aerospace Research is published by the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation and co-operates with Sciendo (Sciendo is a De Gruyter company).

    First established in 1926, the journal was initially (prior to World War II) published as IBTL Reports, then after 1956 it functioned under the name Transactions of the Institute of Aviation. Its current name, Transactions on Aerospace Research, recognizes its broader significance for the exchange of information and innovation among the worldwide aerospace industry and research community.
    In general, Transactions on Aerospace Research publishes, in Open Access, new and original articles dedicated to any field touching upon aerospace engineering. It covers various areas of aerospace research, such as: astrophysics, astronomy, remote sensing, photogrammetry, atmospheric sciences, materials sciences, aviation and space law, aviation and space economy, aviation and space organization, aviation and space medicine, history of aviation and space technology, communication.
    The journal is indexed in various databases, such as EBSCO Discovery Service, Summon (ProQuest), WorldCat (OCLC), TEMA Technology and Management, Index Copernicus and BazTech.
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  • MDPI Aerospace
    ..... Aerospace is a peer-reviewed, open access journal of aeronautics and astronautics published online by MDPI.

  • Special Issue "Aircraft Design" - discounts will be individually offered to the Authors
    ..... Aircraft design is, as we know, the first fascinating step in the life of an aircraft, where visions are converted into reality.
    In a practical sense, aircraft design supplies the geometrical description of the aircraft. Traditionally, the output is a three-view drawing and a list of aircraft parameters. Today, the output may also be an electronic 3D model. In the case of civil aircraft, a fuselage cross-section and a cabin layout are provided in addition.

  • Special Issue "Flight Data" - discounts will be individually offered to the Authors
    ..... This Special Issue of Aerospace on “Flight Data” focuses on the broad topic of aircraft and spacecraft parameter monitoring, recording, processing, visualization, and analysis. Theoretical and empirical articles related to the data acquisition and processing by various systems installed on board airplanes, helicopters, sailplanes, balloons, stratospheric probes, and spacecraft are welcome. The scope of this Special Issue includes (but is not limited to):
  • Flight data recorders;
  • Integrated avionics and data buses;
  • Measurement systems;
  • Signal processing;
  • Data acquisition;
  • Virtual sensors;
  • Data fusion;
  • Big data analysis;
  • Telemetry.
  • Special Issue "State Estimation, Control, and Motion Planning of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs)" - discounts will be individually offered to the Authors
    ..... Unmanned aircraft systems are developing rapidly. Several control algorithms are being tested for use on-board UASs. Additionally, the use of data fusion and virtual sensor algorithms offers several new possibilities. Another important topic is autonomous navigation and autonomous flight plan change.
    This Special Issue of Applied Sciences on “State Estimation, Control and Motion Planning of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs)” focuses on the broad topic of UAV state estimation, control algorithms and motion planning. Theoretical and empirical articles related to unmanned flying systems (all configurations, including but not limited to fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft) are welcome.
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  • CEAS Aeronautical Journal
    The CEAS Aeronautical Journal provides an appropriate platform for excellent scientific publications in all areas of aerospace-related science and technology. Besides the Council of the European Aerospace Societies (CEAS), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA) support the Journal, which is published by Springer.
    The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles and reviews in typical fields of traditional aeronautical science and engineering but it also addresses new developments in design and manufacturing of aircraft, rotorcraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles. A key aspect of growing importance is the mitigation of the aviation-related climate impact.
    All articles are peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. The journal is currently still subscription-based, but Springer Nature fully supports the transition to open access. Many research institutions as well as universities have “Read and Publish” agreements in place with Springer Nature, allowing authors to publish their articles open access - at no cost to them - in most Springer hybrid journals, including the CEAS Aeronautical Journal.

    The journal is indexed in Scopus, among others, with a CiteScore (2020) of 2.8.

    Requirements for conference participants to submit manuscripts to the CEAS Aeronautical Journal

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    Official Conferences language is English.

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    Article submissions and presentations

    All articles will be accepted only through on-line submission. Every author has to register and follow the instructions included in the registration forms. The general digital equipment will be available for all sessions. In case of special needs, please inform the organizer.

    Golden Pen Award

    Traditionally, the STAR association is the founder of a cyclical award dedicated to young scientists.
    Origin of this award comes from the Avionics Conference, organized by the Avionics and Control System Department at the Rzeszów University of Technology.
    The winners of the awards will be selected during the deliberations of the Congress.
    Participants under 35 years of age may apply for the award.

    Student session

    Special student juried sessions will be held.

    Competition for the best student article

    The unique feature of READ Conference is Students' Competition. An international Jury of Professors observes the sessions and awards the best student papers. The competition is organized in two categories: MSc & PhD. All students participating in the competition will receive certificates confirming their participation in the conference and their place in case of awarding a prize. The best student papers will be also recommended to publish in regular journal.