The Aviation and Space Congress has been organized periodically every three years since 2016. In its present form, it was created on the basis of two aviation conferences: the Avionics Conference organized since 1995 by the Rzeszów University of Technology and the International Conference on Scientific Aspect of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, organized since 2004 by the Kielce University of Technology. The Aviation and Space Congress is organized to integrate the aviation environment, aviation industry units in the country and foreign aviation institutions, to initiate cooperation within this units. Participation in the Congress enables periodical meetings in various aviation environments. The participants get the chance to present their own achievements and submit them for discussion among experts in the subject. The Congress gives the opportunity to exchange experiences, establish even closer cooperation between scientific units, the broadly understood aviation & space industry foreign units, and the young generation of aviation & space associated with student research clubs.

Rzeszów University of Technology
Kielce University of Technology